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Web Designing

We create impressive interfaces. Usability + user experience are created based on a study of preferences and user behavior, using the latest web design trends, our experience, and achievements.

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Web Application

We have completed projects in full-cycle web applications including CRM, HRM, and project management solutions. Look no further if you are in search of a professional partner who can develop stunning web applications.

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Mobile App Development

We develop high-quality and effective applications for your business. Our expertise and knowledge help us create reliable mobile applications for iOS and Android and cross-platform solutions.

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Ecommerce Development

For some of you, our involvement as an eCommerce development and consulting partner will mean a powerful business launch with the right technology stack. For others – a possibility to give their business a fresh start.

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Digital Marketing

We bring together expertise in brand marketing and sustainability to design and implement ideas in branding. We also bring brand purpose to life by communicating great stories. Now Maximize your online visibility.

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AI & ML Development

Leverage data to make faster and smarter decisions. Building a solution involving machine learning is much more than the model. It is a complex mix of data structures, model training, model integration, and architecture.

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Is Rebranding for your business worth it?
Aparna M
Aparna M Nov 18 2021

Is Rebranding for your business worth it?

Is rebranding for your business worth it? Well…We all love makeovers. Ain’t we? We love to see huge transformations. We really enjoy these things. So do your customers!.Yep. That's what I'm saying. People always tend to follow new things. They love trends. Still in doubt? Just Google the rebranded brands. You can see the big ass brands including MC Donald’s in those rebranded lists. Hope your doubts are cleared. Yes, rebranding is much worth it!Let’s take a glance at the merits of rebranding:Improves your reputationHelps to rank higher on search enginesBecome easy to maintain Woxro’s Rebrand Designing ProcessWe know no two businesses are the same in their approach, but every business has those core basic things. We, Woxro, always begin from the basics. If there is no well base, nothing's gonna stay longer. RESEARCH This is the core element of the rebranding process we use at Woxro. Without a thorough understanding of your business, we won't be able to produce work that is fully representative of you. We dive deep into the industry you operate in, looking at your competition and determining the things that differentiate you. We check out:‘What is your business type?’ ‘Who are your buyer personas’‘Whatareyour competitors doing differently?’‘Are there any opportunities we can lift up to here?’‘What are your most distinctive points?’Then, we can use this information to guide the plan forward, making sure your brand stands out from other businesses offering the same solution or product. In the case of your clients. We check out"Where are your customers?How do they get access to your service or product?What are their access methods to your service or product?‘What are their interests?’ dig into the market you want to target and develop your ideal customer persona. This will outline all you need to know about your customers, such as their age, job position, hobbies, challenges as well as their fears, favorite brands, and much more.It examines the person you want your ideal customer to be, in order to ensure that any efforts to rebrand are focused and strategic. We also examine the visuals you have chosen and then decide which ones work and which don't.Maybe one of your styles was popular in the past but is no longer serving a need. We analyze and reflect on these images while referring to your brand rebranding strategy. With every aspect of a brand rebrand, it is always a reference to the strategy you have in place. All of your content, including your images, should convey the message you wish to convey to your clients. If you're changing your message the visuals have to be updated too. The data we collect during the research process determines how you'll move your project going forward. It is the foundation of all ideas to make sure they're in line with the goals you're trying to achieve. WOXRO’S REBRANDING STRATEGY AND IDENTITY DESIGNEvery good brand has a solid strategy for branding brand. This is crucial in the process of redesigning your strategy for branding to establish new goals and goals. If you're guiding the business in a new direction then your brand's strategy will be your starting point. It assists you in getting to the place you want to be and ensures that every party is all on the same page. When you work with an agency, this is inevitable since everyone needs to be aware of the same plan of action. From visuals to messages, then to content, it establishes the overall direction and helps keep your project on the right track. Take it as your primary source for rebranding.At Woxro, we can't emphasize enough how important this is to make sure your project is right. When we work on rebranding, we take care of every element of the rebranding process. This includes:Your customer persona - As we've already dug into who your ideal customer is, we can easily position your marketing strategy and branding around their needs. If you don't know who your client is, how do you best serve them in the most effective way?Research on competitors - Discover what your competition is up to and whether there are possible gaps you could fill.Brand positioning- Branding positioning is how you are perceived on the market and determines how your customers view your brand. Are you a luxury or top-quality brand? What is your position in relation to your competition?Brand story - What message are you trying to communicate to your customers? The story of your brand is the message and your brand conveys. So the customers must be able to comprehend your brand's message and feel a connection to your brand.Brand values - What you are able to believe as a brand that differentiates you from the rest of your competitors.Your brand mission - Your brand mission can help you figure out where you want to be and the best way to achieve it.Touchpoints for branding - How will users connect or interact with the brand? Touchpoints are any place where users come in contact with your brand, whether via your website, social media, or blogs.Brand messaging - This is how you communicate your story, values, and brand's story to the world. It differentiates you from the rest of the brands and makes you stand out.The tone of voice refers to the way you speak to customers. You must determine how you want the people to perceive your brand. Are you conversational, corporate, or informational? After we have formulated your rebranding plan, we focus on improving the appearance of your brand. This is how people perceive your brand prior to going through any of your content.Visuals are essential since they are easy to digest. If your company's brand has striking visuals, you'll be noticed by all since they can identify the colors and designs which are unique to your brand. It's an extremely effective branding tool that should not ever be underestimated. Our design team is experts at making your brand pop. We know the significance of creating a strong unique brand identity. Woxro’s Rebranding Design Services Includes:logo design- A logo is the face of your business or brand. It is often the first thing that people notice and, as a visual one, it must be easily identifiable and understandable.Color Palette- It is what binds everything. The color palette you choose should be consistent throughout as it ensures that your rebrand stays in line with your brand.Typography- Typography is essential to the messages you're trying to convey to your customers. The use of unique typography can make your brand unique.Brand imagery/ Icons- As it is the visual appearance of your brand. It must convey the right messages to your target audience.Stationery and promotional material- All marketing collateral must reflect your brand's rebranding and a new identity. This includes flyers, business cards, and brochures for products.Brand guidelines- The foundation of any Rebrand. These guidelines will guide the rebranding process and will ensure the overall look, as well as the feeling business, is preserved.Design of your website- It is the online face of your company. Your website's design should be appealing and it must convey your brand's message to your target audience. In every stage of our rebranding process, we encourage clients to be active participants, sharing ideas that will drive the project forward. REVISIONS AND REVIEWWhen you embark on a rebranding endeavor it is inevitable that things will alter in the way. It's normal and gives you an opportunity to look at the current designs and decide what could be improved.There will always be minor tweaks to be done here and there, and we're incredibly passionate about creating the most effective branding for your needs. As with any other step in the procedure, we're looking forward to your feedback and comments. If that you aren't happy about or think could be improved upon, we are all ears. We're here to hear from you and respond. As standard, we construct the time to review projects as part of any rebranding procedure. It's an exciting experience when you experience your visions and ideas becoming reality. life. As part of our evaluation, we take a look at any additional information you might require to aid your venture. We'll assist you in planning according to those requirements to make sure you have everything you require for your launch.For launching, let's look at the next phase of the Woxro branding process. DELIVERY AND LAUNCHAfter all, revisions are approved and you're satisfied then it's time to present the project. With each client, we create various files, including colors for web, printing formats, as well as web formats to describe the differences between each. We understand that our clients might not be familiar with the process, therefore we take the time to explain each step of the procedure. Particularly, if you've never had a relationship with a branding company before, this process will be a completely new experience for you.It is important to know how each file should be used to ensure that your 'rebranding' is a success. There are a variety of methods to make sure your company name sets out in the market in order to make yourself a trustworthy brand. This is crucial in a rebranding campaign in which customers are already familiar with your brand as something different. When you change your brand's identity it is essential to inform your customers about the new direction you're taking and what it means for your company. From huge launch parties to smaller gatherings, digital channels, we've assisted our clients with a variety of launch events. We are aware of what is required to get noticed and we know how to ensure that your brand is seen as serious. We will work with you to design an effective launch that fulfills your goals and gets noticed by the right people. With every launch, you must maximize the impact of your rebranding and catch the attention of people. You've invested time, money, and effort in your rebranding strategy, so don't just let it go unnoticed! Rebranding is an exciting process. At Woxro, we love to make a huge impact on the businesses like the “butterfly transformation”. Believe us. We’ve done this before. We’ve worked on lots of rebranding projects, each requiring something different.  

How do Blogs Help in Lead Generation?
Jacob Roy
Jacob Roy Sep 24 2021

How do Blogs Help in Lead Generation?

One of the major objectives of any business is to generate leads. More leads mean more business, which means more revenue and thus, the success of the business. While there are several ways of generating more leads, an interesting way is through content marketing, more specifically, through blogging. Statistical reports have proven that blogging has helped several businesses generate more leads than they did before they started a blog on their online platform.How do Blogs Help in Lead Generation?Bloggers do not do anything out of their way or something tricky when using their blogs to generate leads.They simply write their blogs in such a way that the potential audience visiting the blog is motivated to go through the website and then some of these visitors convert into leads after successful purchase of a product or service from the business.Simply having a lot of readers or visitors on your blog does not mean all of them will turn into leads.However, to do this, bloggers write their blogs using certain strategies such as including CTAs, creating helpful content, creating contests and giveaways, using lead magnets, and more.7 Ways in which You can Generate Leads through Blogging1. Installing Useful Lead MagnetsLead magnets are pieces of resources, services, and content that are used by businesses to gather contact details of the visitors to the website. Some examples of lead magnets are e-newsletters, samples, free consultations, and trial subscriptions.2. Sharing Blogs On Business’ Social MediaOne of the most effective strategies that you can implement for lead generation is sharing your blog posts on your company’s social media pages. Social media marketing is on the rise and almost all companies are on one or another social media platform.3. Making Use of Actionable KeywordsYou compose articles based on specific subjects, queries, and keywords. Because keywords are so crucial in search engine rankings, don't be too picky with them. Make sure your blog has the relevant keywords, and that you utilize them wisely and at the appropriate places.4. Blogs With Call To ActionsWell, yes, technically blogs are for reading, but think about it. A person who is reading a blog on your website is already on your platform and is clearly interested in knowing what you have to offer. All you have to do is give them easy options to know, explore and do more, and a CTA does exactly that for you.5. Quora MarketingQuora is a platform where people are genuinely looking for answers to their queries and by answering their questions; you can generate more leads for your business. While some bloggers say that it seems like a complicated procedure and they are not sure about its results, Quora does actually work and you can open plenty of opportunities for your business with that.6. Hosting Contests, Surveys, and GiveawaysAnother useful trick is conducting online contests, surveys, and giveaways on your blog. You can host contests and surveys through giveaways. Get your visitors to participate in some interesting contests and surveys.7. Creating Helpful and Value-Adding ContentYou have a decent chance of generating leads through your blog if you write material that adds value and is helpful to your viewers. To accomplish this, you must begin to think like your clients and discover their wants and needs.

What is SAP in detail? You must know about it
Christo George
Christo George Sep 17 2021

What is SAP in detail? You must know about it

Understand What SAP is?SAP is the largest business software company in the world, it is a German software company, in fact, 80% of fortune companies run SAP software. It stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, which is famous for its Enterprise Resource Planning and Data Administration applications. It also offers a kind of tool for data to run and to be used for business management methods.There are two types of SAPFunctional TechnicalFICO, MM, SD, HCM modules belong to functional SAPBASIS, ABAP, BI/BW modules belong to the Technical SAPWhat is SAP ERP? ERP means Enterprise resource planning. ERP programming incorporates programs in all center business zones, for example, acquisition, creation, materials, the executives, deals, showcasing, account, and (HR). SAP was one of the principal organizations to create standard programming for business arrangements. main modules in SAP?Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) Human Capital Management (HCM) Material Management (MM) Plant Maintenance (PM) Production Planning (PP) Quality Management (QM) Sales Distribution (SD)AdvantagesThe normalization of an association’s business forms. The sense to coordinate with other alien frameworks and perform enterprise-wide administrations. The versatility to make system guidelines with the SAP structure that set the parameters for trades. Different scientific highlights -, for example, announcing and dynamic – that empower SAP to address the issues of different complex organizations and government associations. DisadvantagesThe significant expense of buying and executing the program, including purchasing the product and equipment, work expenses of inside IT representatives and outer experts, the expenses of preparing workers, and the lingering costs for programming upkeep and intermittent redesigns. The multifaceted nature of the framework implies most organizations will just actualize one component of the SAP ERP programming at once, making the total usage of the product take as long as quite a while. Some Essential Versions of SAPSAP R/1SAP R/2SAP R/3​​SAP HANAConclusionIn this blog, you will definitely learn many things about SAP because in this there are features, definitions, advantages, versions, and many more which help you to understand the term SAP. What is SAP is now fully understood by you with this blog? Our experts will also provide SAP Assignment Help in a very appropriate manner due to which you always get the best knowledge about a special topic. 

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