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Learn more about Digitization and its benefits | Impacts of Digitization

Learn more about Digitization and its benefits | Impacts of Digitization

06 Jul 2022

How do Digitization and its Benefits Affect business?

Changing the way we think

As netizens of the global village, it is a well-known fact that the world is rapidly changing.

From industrialization to globalization, we look at numerous witnesses to how technology has changed our lives. We live in a generation where every information is accessible at your fingertips, from stock market updates to the latest trends on Instagram.

Easy communication, access to healthcare, socialization and productivity are just a few aspects of this digital age. So what exactly is digitalization? What is so serious about this rapid shift from a traditional age to a time where everything is connected to technology? What are the benefits of digitalization? More importantly, how does it influence businesses? Let’s find out.


What is digitization?

Digitalization involves the process of turning any non-digital data into a representation of digital format that computers may use to automate workflows or processes. In easier terms, it's converting physical data into digital files.

What is the role of digitization in business development?

Business digitization leads to a digital workspace. Oftentimes, managers interpret this as simply the absence of papers, however, it could mean a lot more. In some companies, this could mean an entirely different way of working that includes accessing data through mobile devices on the go and working remotely with workers in different ways. The process shifts will require more than just replacing paper-based documents with digital ones.

Why is digitization important in business?


Digitizing your business is the very first step towards this advancement. Every business should start to move towards digital transformation. The process of extracting information from physical documents has proved to be costly as well as inefficient and prone to errors. When data is digitized, we start to appreciate its value and let the data speak, and we can use it to improve the way we perform.

Let's discuss digitization and its benefits. But before that take a glance at the impact of digitization on business.

Impact of Digitization on Business


If your company has hundreds, dozens, or thousands of documents in physical form, you may have thought about going digital instead of managing the physical records yourself. Digitally converting microfilms, microfiches, as well as paper-based records into an electronic format, can help to protect your valuable documents and give you rapid and convenient access whenever you require these documents.

With expectations and demands from customers growing every day, businesses have to look for support from cutting-edge software solutions and tools that can keep up with the times while providing the best quality of customer service.

The following are the significant impacts of digitization on business:

  • More efficiency
  • Increased range of flexibility and scalability
  • Offering a competitive advantage
  • Reducing risk and improving reliability
  • Save space
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Growth opportunities and a heightened strength in economic uncertainty
  • A better grasp of environmental performance
  • Enriching and strengthening your brand
  • Interactions with customers

What is Digitization and Its Benefits?


Digitization is the process that involves making an item digital.

The aim of digitization is to make data easier to access, store, and maintainable by using digital technology. Digital information is the only way to be more informed in our decisions and gain insights into the business processes.

Why should you digitize your business?

The most simple answer is that businesses that do not digitalize, fail. If you're looking to stay afloat then you must think about digitization. To transform into a digital workspace, companies need to begin changing their analog data into digital form and making it accessible whenever needed. The ability to provide data to the right person at the appropriate moment and right place to make better business decisions is a vital benefit of digitization.

Top 10 Benefits of Digitization


Companies are adapting to the digital world more than they ever had. But, the progress towards digitization and advancement in technology is a process that must be carefully planned and the application of technology systems should be considered with care. There are different advantages of digitization involving quick access to data, better consumer experience, increased productivity, lower expenditure, upgraded analyzing, increased protection, excessive mobility, automation of business performance, environmentally safe, and disaster recovery.

1. Quick Access to Data

One of the main benefits of digitization is its ability to gain access to information when required. Digitization of business can be a significant investment that swiftly pays for itself. One of the major advantages of digitization is the fact that inside a business the information is more easily available. If you keep documents electronically rather than physically, any person with access rights can view the information needed. It doesn't matter if employees work from the office or in their homes. This also makes it more effective to collaborate. Information communication (internal or external) is also made easier. The speed of exchange of information is among the many benefits of digitization.

2. Better Consumer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction by providing speedier service. The hassle of locating or filing lost documents is disappointing for both customers and employees. Making your business more accessible online can bring in new revenue streams and help you attract more customers. Additionally, if you provide services or sell products, think about listing your services on a site to better reach potential customers. Offering digital promotions for your business can enable you to reach more customers and boost the amount of money you earn. If you promote your business in different online locations it's easier for customers to locate your business. Making it possible for employees to find information and documents quickly can help customers get the information they require promptly and aid in the retention of customers and conversion to loyal customers.

3. Increased Productivity


One of the biggest importance of digitization is the improvement in the productivity of employees, which can help companies perform more efficiently. Users can simply browse for information and find the required documents once they're digitally digitized and stored. With the help of modern technology and a robust system, it's possible to locate documents by their metadata as well as the information that is contained within the documents. Not only that, these documents can be exchanged, shared, or even collaborated on, which can increase the efficiency of a company. This greatly reduces the time needed to process data and allows staff to concentrate on other actions, which will have an impact on the business's performance.

4. Lower Expenditure

In this era, the use of paper documents to conduct business can slow down your business and hinder it from gaining the many benefits of digitization. Printing, conserving, and archiving documents on paper can be costly for companies. Even more, in the scenario of a natural disaster (fire or flood). The papers could be destroyed, leading to losing your important asset. Digitization will dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining your documents and will also reduce or eliminate the cost of printing and exchanging documents. Digital storage is much cheaper than physical cabinets and offers an efficient and cost-effective method for backup and recovery.

5. Upgraded Analyzing

If information is digitized, the speed is exchanged and then delivered to the right person incredibly fast. Making sure that senior management has the ability to obtain accurate information whenever it's needed will enable them to make better-learned business decisions that can eventually allow your business to grow. In addition, by using extensive digital transformation tools, managers are able to monitor how the company is performing at any point in time and make changes when needed.

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6. Increased Protection

Paper documents could be accessed by the wrong people and expose sensitive information like financial reports, client information, and others at risk. How many times have you come across documents that were printed, and then placed on the printer to be left for a while before it was taken away? What would you do if printed paper contained sensitive data? Digitization of business processes the security of documents and ensures privacy. Because scanned documents can be traced and only a selected group of users are able to access the documents in case they are required. Paper documents contain degradation. Since paper degrades each time it is handled by hand, document imaging helps keep your information secure and accessible in the future.

7. Excessive Mobility

The COVID-19 epidemic has given us lessons about the importance of having information accessible from anywhere, not only in the workplace. Many organizations could not function during the lockdown because they still depended on paper but couldn't get it beyond the boundaries of their businesses. When integrated with the appropriate technology it can allow employees to access information about your business from any location in the world, you can complete business transactions in the possibility of future outbreaks or lockdowns.

8. Automation of Business Performance


Anyone who wants their business to operate more efficiently and smoothly should automatize their business operations. The information must be digitized prior to the project that digitilize your business! The most significant benefit of digitization is the chance to start automatizing business processes that are manual which allows businesses to reach their objectives efficiently and feasible.

9. Environmentally Safe

Digitization will earn points for your green account. Printing paper that you want to avoid makes digitization an environmentally-friendly choice. Due to digitization, lots of data is obtainable which has made life much easier. Eco-friendly is one of the main benefits of digitization, which will assist us in saving the planet. Each time we print a document, we contribute to deforestation and cause more harm to the planet we live on. Concerning the environment and sustainability, every company has an obligation to current and future generations.

10. Disaster Recovery

When you are running a business, there's always a chance of disasters, man-made or natural. Every disaster could cause significant damage to documents written on paper that could impact your business in the future. It can happen anytime. Floods, fires, hurricanes or tornadoes, earthquakes, burst pipes, or theft could put your company in a state of suffering. If you do not have a backup of your most valuable documents, your company is susceptible to permanent loss and damage to your records.

In the event of adversity, digital data and documents can be easily saved and restored. Document imaging can provide an extremely secure backup of your information, which allows you to retrieve any document with just a click. One of the biggest advantages of digitization is the capability to retrieve documents and information that have been lost because of natural disasters or other events. In the end, your most valuable assets will always be available and ready to assist your business operations.

That’s why digitization is important. Now you know what are the benefits of digitization.

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Difference between Digitization and Digitalization


While the two terms may appear similar, there's an important distinction between digitalization vs digitization. The uncertainty in both has led to confusion even among IT professionals. We'll attempt to dispel the confusion in this article.

Digitization is the act of changing information from a physical form to a digital version. Digitalization is the method of using technology to improve the efficiency of corporate processes. In simple terms digitization is a process that involves data, while digitalization is related to processes.

As you are familiar with digitization, we can learn what is digitalization?

Digitalization is the use of technology to alter a business model to boost the revenue and prospects for value-added. It's the process of transitioning to the digital world of the business. It encompasses the process of modifying business models from the past to modern technologies and embraces digital technology's ability to collect information, detect patterns and make better business decisions.

The purpose of digitalization is to explain ways of supporting, improving, and changing business processes through the use of digital technology and data to revolutionize the way companies manage their business and increase productivity. These actions and procedures may not be completely digital, however, they do rely on digital technology more than they did in the past. Digitalization is everywhere. It's whether through street advertisements, social media, or apps for smartphones. Digital data is now an integral part of our lives. That’s why digitalization is important.

Comparison Table: Difference between Digitalization and Digitization

To help you discern between digitalization and digitization, this is a side-by-side analysis of both concepts.




Conversion of analog information to digital format

Integrating digital technology into business processes and interaction





● Data is faster and easier to access
● Information is stored in a more permanent manner
● Access to historical data

● Acquire efficiency and productivity
● Information is more accurate
● Upgraded clarity
● Better analyzing


● Converting scanned documents into PDF
● Converting a paper-based form into a digital copy
● Scanning a photo into a digital image file
● Converting a VHS recording to a digital file

● Emailing messages instead of by posting
● Connecting through video conferencing
● Monitoring equipment that uses digital sensors

Digitization refers to events that have already occurred while digitalization concerns the things occurring in the present.

Let's conclude


So now that we’ve gone over the principal aspects of digitization and its benefits, it's clear that digitalization has inevitably taken over our whole world. It made our lives more organized and coordinated. Not to mention the huge amounts of time and money saved. Digitalization made businesses and enterprises more stable and systematic. As far as the benefits go,digitalization has definitely made our life uncomplicated and flexible.

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