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Woxdoc delivers the Total Hospital Information System platform purpose-built to meet the needs of independent solutions. Now with Woxdoc, practicians can effortlessly manage all major functions through one intuitive platform. Woxdoc helps doctors deliver high-quality care by organizing the moment of care for maximum clinical productivity, performing administrative and quality services on a doctor's behalf to ensure full payment, and tracking all physician orders to close the loop on results and follow-up care.

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Discover the modern ERP system that helping 30 million users to shape the perfect space also transform your business processes. Our ERP software helps companies to adopt new business models also manage business change at speed. Here we unify your business processes and enable the flow of data between them. Moving your ERP systems to the Cloud expedites and improves accuracy and access to that data.

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Xentice works like just another classifieds portal – it has a parallel system for customers running side by side. People who wish to sell any goods can upload their advertisements just like one is expected to do in a classifieds portal. Xentice combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results. People who wish to buy properties and business services may browse through the listing. Sellers need to upload pictures of their properties, along with a title and description of the same and the expected sales price of the property.

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Smart Clinic

Smart Clinic is a personal occupational health and wellbeing service, accessible directly from your phone. It is a leading HIPAA-compliant mHealth application that enhances patient engagement, compliance and satisfaction.SmartClinics offers Whether you practice individually or you're a clinic/hospital, SmartClinic provides solutions for every facet of healthcare.

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