Our atmosphere is relaxed, fun, hard-working, and we fall anywhere between headphones and surround sound! We only bring on people to the team that has a passion for coding and designing; thus surrounding ourselves with happy people.

Next Js Developer


Developer is responsible for Design, develop and test UI for mobile and web apps. Convert designs into ReactJS components and translate project requirements into functional code.

Laravel Developer

Full Time

Building and maintaining modern web applications using standard web development tools. writing clean and secure modular codes that have undergone strict testing and evaluation. checking the validity and consistency of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on different platforms.

Bitbucket Engineer

Full Time / Intern

You will design, develop, modify, debug and/or maintain software code according to functional, non-functional and technical design specifications. Collaborate with the team to define, design, and ship new features. Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs to maintain code quality.

React Native Developer

Full Time

Design and build applications for the Apple iOS and Android platforms. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application through rigorous testing. Collaborate with the team to define, design, and ship new features. Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs to maintain code quality.

Magento Developer

Full Time

Magento developers are in charge of developing, maintaining, and improving their clients’ eCommerce websites. Their responsibility is huge, as most of the time, Magento websites generate a lot of revenue.

Brand Identity Designer

Full Time

Includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. You'll be the one to shape the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more.

Grafana Engineer

Full Time / Intern

Grafana is an open source interactive data-visualization platform, developed by Grafana Labs, which allows users to see their data via charts and graphs that are unified into one dashboard (or multiple dashboards!) for easier interpretation and understanding.

Growth Hacker

Full time

Growth hacking (also known as 'growth marketing') is the use of resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow and retain an active user base, sell products and gain exposure.


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At Woxro, we brings out meaningful work with our woxrians to make an impact.Together we develop the products,for any people with the right tools to help them grow.

The logic we as woxrians built into your project makes your firm standout. We ensure the growth of our client at all phases of the project and present you only the best.

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"I am working with a great team. I don't find any ups and downs here, everything is very smooth. Got many opportunities to learn and evolve. Great place to work!"

Agnel Babu
Associate Developer, DevOps Department


"Great company to work for and plenty of potentials. I have been working here for more than a year. Great team who are always helpful and supportive. Join us if you are looking for a platform to grow and develop."

Antony Joy
Business Analyst, R&D Department


"The life at Woxro is amazing, apart from work the company also gives us the chance to entertain and feel joyful by arranging celebrations and events. I highly recommend Woxro to anyone who needs to take their career to an elite level."

Aneesha Jenson
Senior Project Head, DevOps Department